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To thine own self be…forgiven?

Forgiveness isn’t always easy to come by, and sometimes rarely given.  Little do most people know that a good deal of the time it’s seldom considered that we grant forgiveness to ourselves.  As stated in my About post I’ve lived a lot of my life being what I consider an all or nothing type of person.  When the stars aligned and I chose something that really touched my soul (what sprung me out of bed in the morning) whether it be; playing  rock shows in front hundreds of people, teaching swim lessons to children, personal training, life coaching; I wasn’t always quick to acknowledge my successes.  However, I’ve always been lavish in my self criticisms and making myself wrong.  The problem isn’t that we beat ourselves up, it’s that we don’t catch it, learn from the mistake, forgive ourselves and move on.  The other thing that most people don’t know about forgiveness is what it actually means…let alone look like in real life. Lets take a look at what it ACTUALLY means:

1. to grant pardon for or remission of (an offense, debt, etc.);absolve.
2. to give up all claim on account of; remit (a debt, obligation,etc.).
3. to grant pardon to (a person).
4. to cease to feel resentment against: to forgive one’s enemies.
5. to cancel an indebtedness or liability of: to forgive the interestowed on a loan.

Notice how in the first 3 definitions to grant, to give up, to grant pardon.  Forgiveness is a gift, and again one seldom given to ourselves.  Note all require action.  Look at your life, you’re past, maybe something you’re going through right now.  Really look if you’re beating yourself up for it and if so…LET IT GO.  It’s bad enough you have unfavorable circumstances and occurrences in life, the last thing you need is a double whammy.  I hope this post left you with a little more space to go about your days, and if you need a reminder…come on back…I’ll remind you.

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Family Matters

I decided my first post should cut right to the chase and not dilly dally so I will just start with why I started doing online marketing. Family Matters to me. Here is a picture of me as I took my second corporate promotion as a sales manager in Dec 2010. I was so excited at my opportunity and success in such a bad economy. I performed well as a Sales Manager, however my personal life really suffered. Including the fact that I relocated as part of my work agreement I moved away from friends and family at the chance of moving up. 16 months later I’d gained over 40 lbs. and the consistent 12 hour days were really taking their toll. I take full responsibility for the weight gain, and all of my choices, and I think that’s what I lost sight of in the process. Choice…it was all my choice to be in corporate america, to leave the state, and be away from the people that mattered the most to me. In hind sight I learned so much about myself, but more about who I’m not. I don’t know if I would have gotten the lesson as early as I did if I didn’t learn it now. If you’re anything like me…sometimes people like us need to learn things the hard way. My 30th birthday came around and I came home for a long overdue stay. I got truly present to what matters to me as a person. Making a difference with people and families. You see I didn’t and don’t have a picture perfect life, but my family gave me everything that they had, and helped me become someone I’m very proud of. I see myself as a father and husband (partner what have you), but I didn’t see a path to being able to give my family all I want and still have an enjoyable life. So here I am, starting on the journey of online marketing and personal development coaching. Make sure to keep stopping in, I’ll be posting my favorites regarding personal training and development/life coaching/positive psychology and anything that may make a difference in relationships and life working.


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