Start every week/day like this…

Image Start every week exactly where you are.  I woke up this morning feeling a bit off, and wasn’t happy about it.  I remember going to bed a bitt off, and I didn’t know exactly how to stop it or get into a better mind set.  I was subtly making myself wrong for not being upbeat and ready to move this morning, and definitely spent a little too much time in bed in my funk.  However I got out of bed and started to put one foot in front of the other with the things I needed to get done.  I knew all the important things I needed to get done for my day, so I started (believe it or not…I didn’t even start at the top priority like I know I should) but I started…That’s really what this post is about, start every week exactly where you are, how you are, and in what ever space you are…but START!  I actually joined in with an affiliate marketing company almost 9 months before I really took an substantial action…I beat myself up about it, I procrastinated, blamed my friend that brought me into the community…and didn’t start.  So the name of the game for today is Start.  How this really applies to my life working and it spilling over into relationship/family time is that if I don’t start and take the actions I need to get done…I’ll either be worrying about it when I’m with my loved ones and that sucks(not to mention the actual consequence of necessary things not getting done).  One of the worst things in relationships is having a partner/parent/sibling that won’t be present with you.  It starts with me starting every day exactly where I am….thanks for stopping by.



One thought on “Start every week/day like this…

  1. William S. Ruggles says:

    Nice thoughts, Bill! I feel like you and I just had our own “start” in exploring some new possibilities for the future of business development and attraction marketing of Ruggles & Ruggles, LLC.

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